In partnership with Port Orange Community Trust for residents who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 in the Port Orange, and South Daytona, and Daytona Beach Shores.

Please follow the directions below to receive assistance, Thank you for your cooperation!

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Grant Instructions – Fillable PDF

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Mayor Russ Owen:

The State of Florida has just implemented restrictions that WILL temporarily impact the livelihood of our local servers and retail workers. Anticipating this, I began working several days ago with a local charity called Foundation 37 to implement a Service Industry Personnel (SIP) grant initiative to assist some of those who will be hit hardest by this announcement.

Foundation37.org is working to have grant applications available on their website and through their Facebook page by the end of the day today. Donors are encouraged to quickly make monetary donations via these same channels so that aid can begin being distributed. This charity has no overhead, 100% is given back. They are a 501(c)(3) not for profit charity, and contributions are eligible for tax deduction.

Foundation 37’s motto is “Locals Helping Locals”, and we need that mindset now more than ever. Currently, contributions will be utilized in NSB to help with individuals who are employed in NSB and have a validated hardship caused by current events. Initially, the aid will be in the form of grants for payment of utility bills to keep basic needs met, but there is already work being done to quickly expand to other areas of financial needs as this progresses. Additionally, the hope is to expand this to other cities in Volusia County as resources are available.

To be clear, this is NOT a government aid program – this is aid coming from the community and going back to the community. I have suspended the Mayor salary to be directed to this cause, and we are looking for other donor partners or matching partners for this program. Please contact scottsteger@foundation37.org if you want to discuss how to best help.

Don’t give until it hurts, give until it feels good!

SIP Grant Program Application
(Service Industry Personnel)
Grant Application instructions

This program is intended to assist Service Industry Personnel hit hard by the emergent COVID19 pandemic and corresponding closings and business restrictions.

The application must be completed fully and a letter from the Manager or Owner (person in a leadership position) of the employer business stating that the applicant has been negatively impacted by the pandemic must be emailed to maria@foundation37.org. The letter should state that the applicant is a current employee and that the applicants income has been significantly impacted by this emergent situation. The letter must signed by the author and contact information provided.
Foundation 37 will meet weekly to distribute funds. Assistance is provided on a first come first served basis meeting the following criteria:

  • Must be in a service industry. These include but are not limited to: Restaurants/bars,retail establishments, spa’s, hotels, and other businesses where the income of employees has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.
  • Applicant must provide a letter from the employer stating that the applicant’s income has been significantly negatively impacted by the pandemic and is expected to return to normal levels once the pandemic emergency is over.
  • Priority is given to initial (first time) applicants, applicants with dependent children, and applicants responsible for the care of the elderly or infirm who can demonstrate significant reduction in income as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic.

Applicants may submit more than one application, second applications shall be considered on an as available basis.

Initial financial assistance shall not exceed $250 per application and shall be in the form of payment for utilities directly to the provider on behalf of the applicant. Utilities include electricity, water/sewer/trash, and gas. The program may expand to include additional opportunities for assistance – check back frequently for updates. Assistance is provided on an as available basis – no cash is distributed to applicants.

Need More information? Please e-mail.

Maria Mills-Benat maria@foundation37.org

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