A Foundation 37 Update

The Headlines! A Foundation 37 update:

Since our conception in November we have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time and wanted to recap so everyone can see the amazing things we are doing because we couldn’t do it without your support and the support of our local business friends!

In addition to the over 60 children we supplied breakfast and lunch for during their Christmas break, and adopting families so they have presents under the tree, we have had some individual cases we would like to share with you.

Also at Christmas time we were able to help 2 single moms with Christmas presents for their children by giving them gift cards to shop for clothing etc.

We had a single mom with 5 kids, her vehicle broke down and she was going to have trouble getting herself to work. It was a timing belt issue which is an expensive fix. About $1200. We reached out to a friend at the local Firestone here in Port Orange and he was able to do the job at a discount to help us, which Foundation 37 paid and got the mom back on the road. While he had her car he also changed the oil and gave it a tune up! Thanks Firestone!

We got word of a 49 year man that had a rare case of MD for the last two years. He was making it through ok but he got into a car accident about 6 weeks ago. This really sped up the MD, he is not able to walk and he is on a feeding tube. The families insurance would not cover everything. They were in need of a rolling shower chair. With that he would be able to take a shower. We reached out and actually had a friend of a friend that owns a medical supply company in Holly Hill. Matt with KIST medical was able to get us a brand new chair at cost and we had the friend that recommended him donate half the money and Foundation 37 paid the rest. We delivered it to the wife and was able to talk to the husband for about 15 minutes. What a great family that in a matter of minutes their life got turned upside down worse than it was. The wife started to cry when she opened the door. Thanks KIST Medical!

Just last week we got word that an older lady had lost her husband a few months back, She is a teaching assistant in the ESE program for Volusia County Schools making minimum wage. She does not have a lot of money to say the least. Her refrigerator went out (after 29 years) so Foundation 37 went to John’s Appliance and they gave us a great deal on a new frig. We delivered it last week. Thanks John’s Appliance!

We have a couple of more cases that we are working on as we speak. Two young kids with some very bad health issues that are requiring surgery. I just wanted to give you an update and share what we have been and what we are going to keep doing. Not only are we helping local people we are helping local businesses as well.

So that we may continue to support our local eastern volusia families and friends in need, we are having a fundraiser on May 21st from 6-9pm at the new Tomoka Brewing Co in Port Orange. The cost will be $35 dollar donation, you will get food, beer, a beer glass, a brewery tour and last but not least you will be helping out our local community. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Please share this and spread the word. THANK YOU!

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